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The Executive Coaching University Blog

The Executive Coaching University Blog

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The Executive Coaching University

Monday, 22 August 2016 13:05

Losing the Mask of Perfection

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Although striving for perfection can sometimes lead you to excellence, chances are that you’re like most people and striving for perfection leaves you worn out, stressed out, and burned out. As a mindful leader, you probably already know that perfection is an illusion, unless it comes to something like engineering or manufacturing components of a computer. Even then, striving for perfection in leadership – or even pretending that you are perfect ‘for the sake of…
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August is all about being real and genuine with the people you lead. Your ability to connect with people comes into play quite often in a leadership position, and the more connected you are, the more you will inspire respect and a passion for the bigger picture within your people. There are many benefits to connecting genuinely… read on to learn more about them and how this type of openness can catapult your work into…
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What does it mean to be “real?” How would you define being genuine in your role as a mindful leader? Does it simply mean being yourself, or does it mean something more? Does it mean striving for perfection so that you can claim to be genuine with the perk of seeming superhuman? Okay, okay… maybe not superhuman, but above average enough to make everyone (yourself included) believe that you’re worthy of being a leader? How…
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If you have this kind of attitude – say yes and then learn – then there probably isn’t much you can’t do. You never settle, your work is impeccable, and you will probably go extremely far in life… because you just do it and figure out the details later. You have absolute confidence in your ability to learn and you trust your instincts. This type of attitude works for a few different reasons, but one…

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