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The Executive Coaching University Blog

The Executive Coaching University Blog

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The Executive Coaching University

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It may seem counterintuitive at first, but taking personal responsibility in all aspects of your life is an empowering tool for anyone, leader or otherwise. Not only will you stop automatically playing the blame game, but you will know that it is within your power to change your life in any way you feel you want to. That’s a pretty amazing feeling… if you haven’t experienced this for yourself, I highly recommend it! In order…
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Would you say that you take calculated risks? Are you able to take these risks with minimal discomfort? If you said yes, then great – you’re already ahead of the game. However, if you don’t feel at least a little at ease with taking risks to further your progress (whether for your life in general, your family, your career, etc.), you may need to work on your personal accountability some more. On the other side…
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Personal accountability isn’t a habit for mindful leaders alone. It is a habit that can benefit anyone at any time, no matter how you see yourself in this current moment. Generally speaking, though, people tend to be afraid of responsibility, personal or otherwise. Until you’ve tasted the liberation that personal accountability can give you, you don’t realize the truth: it’s empowering! You may be wondering how in the world realizing that you’re responsible for your…
Tuesday, 27 September 2016 02:19

The Complainer vs. the Narcissist

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You’ve surely encountered both of these personality types before, either as a leader or in your life in general. Maybe you had a friend in high school who constantly needed to be validated, no matter how small the accomplishment. Or maybe another friend who complained constantly and refused to take anyone’s advice (even if it was excellent). However, if you’re seeking answers about how to lead these personality types effectively, you’ve definitely come to the…

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